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The Day After Escape Rooms

Lee Ballan & Jonathan Gottesman

“Every year that we came to UTG, we had another chance to see how this fantastic industry evolves and grows, and how people’s perspectives on it change from year to year. This year, we come to the convention in order to discuss an issue – what will happen when the inevitable decline of the escape room industry will start impacting us all? In some countries, including Israel, the decline has already begun. We want to spend our talk discussing the day after – what will happen to the industry when the last “normal” escape room will close down? Which industries will inherit it, and how will we all end up still having a job when that day arrives?”
– Lee & Jonathan

About Lee Ballan & Jonathan Gottesman

Lee and Jonathan are game creators from Israel. Asides of writing multiple successful escape rooms in Israel and abroad, they are Israeli members of a super-group which creates immersive and strategic games throughout the country. These games contain all the essential ingredients of escape rooms, while incorporating competitive elements, both against the clock and against other teams.