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Online games reinvented for new revenue streams

Heiko Fuchs

“Our new QuinGame product has quickly proven to be a profitable business model for our customers. A new source of income that helps immensely right now.”

About Heiko Fuchs

Heiko is a true entrepreneur. He was among the first to open an Escape Game in Germany (Hamburg), called TwistedRooms. He developed a deep passion for this business, showed a drive to constantly improve the activity and still to this day would like to further the industry. 

Introducing QuinGames - a brand new game engine with which you can effortlessly create your own browser games, without the need for much tech and/or software knowledge. These online multi-player games are best, but not exclusively, suited for exciting point & click games played at home by yourself or with family and friends at different locations. For existing QuinBook users this new revenue generator is included within your subscription. In his talk Heiko will show examples of existing games and guide you through the process to create games of your own!