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Additional revenue streams and how to set them up

Benito Suppa

“I love this industry and Up The Game is a great place to meet like minded colleagues whose only interest is sharing knowledge to make our industry greater. I have 4.5 years in this industry and would love to share my knowledge of growing our business with other owners.”
– Benito

About Benito Suppa

Benito Suppa is one of the co-owners of Durham Escape Rooms which has been open for 4+ years. With a 6200 sq ft facility with 10 experiences ranging in difficulty and complexity, Durham Escape Rooms has found a balance in operations, and successful marketing. Benito will guide you through the process of creating additional revenue streams, and maintaining your brand in uncertain times.

Benito has a digital marketing and operational effectiveness background. He has spoken on multiple panels and at various conventions. In the industry, his strengths lie in game design and balancing multiple games with running a successful and profitable escape facility.