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Les Enfants Terribles and The Prism (An online community based immersive show)

James & Oliver

We are constantly pushing ourselves to explore new ways of telling stories and immersing ourselves and our audiences in the weird and wonderful worlds created by our shows.” – James & Oliver

About James & Oliver

Les Enfants Terribles theatre company (LET) is known for its award-winning, international stage shows and immersive experiences. By creating original, innovative and exciting theatre with the use of striking visuals and innovative use of props they are able to captivate and immerse their audience into a narrative journey as well as a fully functioning world. Their immersive theatre has been nominated for an Olivier award in the UK, been seen by over 500,000 people and has traveled to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Detroit. Their latest show is an online production entitled "The Prism." The experience, which takes inspiration from Choose Your Own Adventure books and LET’s own experience in creating live immersive experiences, will let viewers stuck at home experience an immersive online story where the user gets to pick from multiple narratives and pathways.

The experience will be designed to take its viewers on an out of this world, surreal journey, injecting a bit of colour back into our creative community at the same time.

“The Prism” will be made up of videos shot by the general public, making the most of whatever lock down scenario they find themselves in. Does a bedroom double for a convincing Monte Carlo Casino? Or does a living room look like the Arctic Tundra? Could someone make their bathroom look like a spaceship? Or is there a great double act locked away? The talk examines the similarities between gaming and immersive theatre whilst looking at the future of the genre and where "The Prism: can actually take us.