Prison Escape

Instead of watching a movie, we invite you to step right in the middle of it.

Prison Escape is an epic interactive real life game that gives you the feeling you’ve entered your own prison film. You dictate the story by making crucial decisions that affect the course of the game. You only have one goal: escape!

Players witness unforgettable theater and better yet, step right into it. They can interact with, and will be assisted or impeded, by our cast of 80 professional actors: with ruthless guards, notorious jailbirds and a merciless warden amongst many other iconic roles. There are many storylines to discover. Which one you choose to invest in is up to you!

With our current design we can host up to 450 people per game. Each game is 3 hours long. This event is hosted in one of the three unique monumental domed prisons in the Netherlands, namely ‘De Boschpoort’ in Breda.

Real Life Gaming, the developers of Prison Escape, are looking to partner up and roll this franchise out to international waters. Are you the people we’re looking for? For more info come visit our stand for a cup of coffee, we’d love to chat.

Cheers, to freedom!


– Team Real Life Gaming


#UTG2020 is coming