Logic Locks

Time Crimes (a portable puzzle game for up to 25 people)


Add a game for larger group sizes to your portfolio!

Time Crimes is a portable escape game solution for medium sized groups (in 2019 we added a new component which increased the team size from 20 to 25).

The game is designed by Logic Locks and following their design principles, it is guided by a strong narrative and high puzzle/story integration. The game is modular to the point that it playtime ranges from max 75 to max 90 minutes and group size from 10 to 25 players.

Time Crimes can be transported inside a large chest and can be easily set up at any location.

The game has been played for almost 2 years, has been constantly improved based on the experiences of our partners in – and outside of Europe.

Together with the game, you will get exclusivity for your region and if you provide us with the translation we will customize all the props and the digital user interface to your local language.

If you are impressed by the possibilities to use escape rooms to reflect on team dynamics and pro-social work behavior, you will be amazed by the possibilities of Time Crimes. The game adds another level of cooperation as it is being played by much larger teams and therefore exponentially increases the potential to detect and analyze a range of behaviors. Among all games we designed we highly recommend Time Crimes if companies want to follow a playful session with a serious reflection.

#UTG2020 is coming