Escape Quest AG


Escape Quest is one of the first providers offering “Live Escape Games” in Switzerland. In addition to offering escape rooms Escape Quest concentrates on offering custom made experiences for corporate and private clients.


Brain Unbox is a box made of eco-friendly wood. There are 5 smaller boxes within, each of them locked with different locks. Each of the smaller boxes represents a “level”, which can be unlocked by solving all the tasks of the box before, thereby receiving the code for the next “level” as the answer to the tasks. Brain Unbox is a perfect solution either as an addition to your existing escape room or as a stand-alone tool. Suitable for all kinds of events, whether it’s a bachelor’s party, a corporate event, or a teaching tool for schools. As part of the Brain Unbox project we have developed an alternative method of teaching and testing kids in school, based on the school program – Escape Education. The boxes can be played alone or in groups of two. For teachers the Escape Education means less effort spent on preparing classes, but more motivated students because of the “gamification” effect of the teaching materials.


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