We are very happy to announce the speaker program for Up The Game 2019! Our activities program will be announced as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the website and/or our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Are you interested in contributing to this event? Please contact: info@upthegame.nl

Up The Game Speaker program

Link to UTG19 speaker program day 1, May 7th

Link to UTG19 speaker program day 2, May 8th


Up The Game Activity program

Link to UTG19 Activity program day 1, May 7th 

Link to UTG19 Activity program day 2, May 8th


Everyone can register for the activities. There will be no additional fees for this. On the 1ste of May a Google Form will be shared on all our channels. In this form you will get the opportunity to make a selection of activities you would like to attend. To guarantee every visitor gets a spot at an activity, you can only select 2 activities. We will also ask you to select a ‘reserve’ activity. Keep in mind, full is full! However we will do our utmost best to place everyone in their chosen selections. That being said, there will be a reserve list for each activity. If you want to quality for the reserve lists, then please leave your telephone number behind in the Google Form. We will notify you once there is a spot available.

#UTG2019 is coming