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  • The first booking and management system for escape games Developed in France, with the advice of several professionals of the escape game industry, 4escape is the all in one solution to manage with efficacy an Escape Game establishment (Bookings Management,... Learn more

  • Founded in Hawaii in 2013, FareHarbor creates powerful tools that help tour and activity operators run their business with ease and efficiency. With over 8,000 clients worldwide and the fastest growing team in the business, we’re shaping the future of... Learn more

  • We are the engineers with an experience of more than 4 years of escape room creation and software programming experts with deep knowledge of AR/VR technologies. We teamed up to create the most immersive free-roam VR experience you ever had.... Learn more

  • Cluetivity® is a worldwide leading Augmented- and Mixed-Reality Gaming Platform which turns the entire world into your playground. Our games combine the best elements of GPS treasure hunting and live escape game with augmented reality technologies and provide new and... Learn more

  • Since 2014, Legendary Quests have been creating all the necessarily components of escape rooms. Our main goal has always been to make each escape experience as realistic as possible. Each puzzle element that is manufactured by our company will help... Learn more

  • Control your room from escape room control center. Our electronics ecosystem gives you full control over your game. It is ultra easy to install, like LEGO blocks you can build puzzles using different sensors, main modules and effects. If you... Learn more

  • ARVI VR Escape Rooms is the next generation of Escapes – a captivating, seamless, and profitable product, invented to enable an easy scaling business to provide a quick return on your investment. ARVI VR has deeply investigated and analyzed the... Learn more

  • Professionals from the field of new technologies have met with enthusiasts of escape rooms. The combination of our forces and ideas raised VR Escape Adventures. From now on every owner of stationary escape rooms can enter into cooperation with us... Learn more

  • X-Treme has been your reliable partner for customized inflatables since 1994. We gladly consult you for branding, supply the perfect eyecatcher for your event and support your product launches. A particular attention is given to durable entrepreneurship and the environment.

  • Locksmith Media, based in Bochum, Germany, is an escape room supplier specialised in media content and experiental marketing. The founders want to immersify the impact of film and sound in the adventures of their clients to help them better their... Learn more

  • We produce the latest generation escape rooms. High-tech turnkey ERs and standalone puzzles of any complexity. Over 450 escape rooms built in 37 countries since 2014. Own full-cycle 3700 sq m production. 1-month production time for ready-to-play escape room. We... Learn more

  • Regiondo is Europe’s leading booking software for the leisure industry. More than 8,000 tour and activity providers from 42 countries power their revenue using our booking software. We understand your business The leisure industry is facing its own set of... Learn more

  • Instead of watching a movie, we invite you to step right in the middle of it. Prison Escape is an epic interactive real life game that gives you the feeling you’ve entered your own prison film. You dictate the story... Learn more

  • EscapeList is the first online marketplace of real-life escape rooms with a booking module. As an international team of project managers, tech wizards and passionate quest players we work together to make customer´s journey in the escape game industry easy,... Learn more

  • What is TABTRACKS? TABTRACKS is a software for the creation of location-based games with whose help digitally supported indoor & outdoor applications can be realized, simply and time-saving. Thanks to the fully developed backend, the app can be individualized and... Learn more

  • We are Escape Room enthusiasts. We believe that Escape Rooms and Real-Life Gaming can and will grow to be one of the most popular entertainment industries. For this reason, we designed and implemented EscapeAll, a powerful platform for both players... Learn more

  • Company Escape Quest is one of the first providers offering “Live Escape Games” in Switzerland. In addition to offering escape rooms Escape Quest concentrates on offering custom made experiences for corporate and private clients. Product Brain Unbox is a box... Learn more

  • Have you always wanted an Escape Room at your own location? Escape Room Designer is the design and construction team to help you with this. In many cities in the Netherlands and beyond, they design, build, install, test and operate... Learn more

  • Time Crimes (a portable puzzle game for up to 25 people)   Add a game for larger group sizes to your portfolio! Time Crimes is a portable escape game solution for medium sized groups (in 2019 we added a new... Learn more

  • BLUE BYTE: A PIONEER IN THE GERMAN GAMES INDUSTRY Founded in 1988 as an independent producer and publisher, we became part of Ubisoft as a German development studio in 2001. In 2014, we incorporated our long-term partner studio, Related Designs... Learn more

  • Recras is the software solution for escaperooms, climbing parks and trampoline parks. In the Netherlands Recras climbing park is the market leader with a share of 85%! With Recras the customer can quickly and easily reserve different activities, the staff... Learn more

  • Buzzshot engages your players before and after the game, saving you time and garnering you more reviews. Buzzshot collects players details (and optionally acts as a waiver) before the game and helps you take a great branded team photo after.... Learn more

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