01 Active Workshop: How to create immersion in your experience?

How to create immersion in your experience?

As an Escape Room owner, I want to offer my players a really immersive experience, go beyond the trill of puzzle solving, be part of the story I’m telling. But how can I create such immersion?

In this active workshop you will first experience all aspects of an immersive real life game in the demo game ‘Inheritance Heroes’. After playing this micro game of 25 minutes, you will select a case from within your group. Using the components of real life game design, you will make suggestions on how to improve the immersiveness of the existing experience. In the end of the workshop, the case owner can go home with applicable solutions, while all participants have a deeper understanding of immersive game design.

  1. Prepare for play
  2. Clear recognisable game objective(s)
  3. Believable game world one can identify with
  4. Being part of the game world
  5. Recognisable (family) relationships
  6. Relationships between the characters
  7. Dramatic impulse: The ‘Why’-question
  8. Dramatic impulse: contradictions lead to drama
  9. Room for choice/illusion of choice
  10. Undetermined outcome everybody has influence on

This workshop will be hosted by Carel Ketelaars, a professional real life game designer, producer and game supervisor with 20+ years of experience. Author of the book ‘Live action Role-Playing, the game, the drama and the experience. 99 insights to create the best experience in traditional Larp.’ (2017. Dutch only, English summary: http://www.intothemirror.nl/summary-of-my-book/)

With his company IntoTheMirror Carel wants to give everybody the opportunity to experience a special moment from a book, movie or from his or her own imagination. Through adding serious play components to his games, he wants to provide participants insights on certain topics or provide a playground to safely practice new behaviour.



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