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  • By Gai Bosco and Lee Ballan What happens when you bring together the best and brightest of escape room creators in the world and put them together in one room? Find out as we attempt to create an all new... Learn more

  • By Jack Fallows Jack Fallows of Cryptogram Puzzle Post will be sharing a number of simple, cost-effective weathering techniques to build texture, realism and history into your props. Come and get your hands dirty and leave with some finished treasure... Learn more

  • By Melissa and Emma Attend a workshop to learn about the game design and build of a historically accurate game. Dos and don’ts of creating historic experiences Learn how to create a historically authentic experience within a modern context Learn... Learn more

  • By David Vella In this workshop we’ll explore some of the basic practicalities of placing and designing low voltage circuitry for electromagnetic locks controlled by reed switches. Reed switches (or magnetically operated switches) are a low-tech option that are simple... Learn more

  • By Jasper Wille Jasper Wille has been advocating using his ‘Human Dynamics’ in the Escape Room industry for years now. Using actors within them- and designing them for Meaningful Choice have been on the top of his list since he... Learn more

  • By Mike van Hoenselaar This is a practical workshop where you will walk away with not only practical marketing tips, but you know how to get the right data from Google Analytics to see if campaigns are working and are... Learn more

  • By Fred Pedersen How to install the Facebook pixel? How to use Facebook ad types? How much should I spend each month? How to spend less and get more? How to find out who your audience is and how to... Learn more

  • Fail faster? Fail better! By Lena Mech What is worse than realising that your escape room design is not working? Figuring it out after spending months on its development. In order to prevent that from happening, we need to embrace... Learn more

  • Stop by over the course of the convention to see Cryptogram Puzzle Post creator Jack Fallows work on an original large-scale illustration especially for UTG 2019

  • By Andy Sontag, Mark Smolenaars and Michel Groenenstijn We believe the world is ready for next level of real life game design. Moving beyond leisure we see a crucial role for games and immersive experiences to change the way people... Learn more

  • Dinnerparty! We will be having a special dinner party on the 7th of May at Lab-44! Situated on the Hemburgterrein, the area was formerly closed off for the public by the Department of Defence. Lab-44 used to be a laboratory... Learn more

  • WOW! In 2018 the business speeddating was a huge succes! So, that is why we will bring this back for 2019. If you are more interested in connecting with people there’ll be speeddating for businesses. You’ll probably be paired with... Learn more

  • Four large squere boxes in a room. Nobody knows what it is, or what it can do. Sometimes a light flashes, sometimes it will make some noise. Are the different sides connected to each other? Or are they separate? Only... Learn more

  • As is tradition, on the last day of Up The Game there will be an afterparty. This time it’s going to be a little different. The focus will be on meeting new people, lounging and “gezelligheid”. “Gezelligheid”. The word is... Learn more

  • Podcast Profs is an organisation that gives a voice to intriguing people and sheds light on interesting topics and thought-provoking idea’s. At the Up The Game conference in 2019 they’ll be interviewing various makers, entrepreneurs, designers and many more creatives... Learn more

  • We have a special announcement! At Up The Game 2019 – Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference we’ll be hosting several panels. We’re very excited to share them with you: • Panel on Innovation Moderated by David & Lisa Spira •... Learn more

  • The Floor Is Lava! On both days at Up The Game 2019 – Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference four sessions of a hidden-roles game will be hosted for 10-20 players each session. In one hour’s time there will be 3-4 games,... Learn more

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