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Panel: Escape Games and Social Consciousness



Companies are being judged by how they impact society and people by how they make social contributions other than just giving money. It’s about doing good and feeling good about it, but also about taking responsibility. This spills over into the entertainment industry and escape games are pushing the boundaries and bringing socially sensitive issues to the forefront. Initially, it’s about creating awareness for the issues, but at a deeper level it’s about how to strike a nerve with players and trigger action. When the escape game is over, the real challenge begins. What do players do with this newly acquired information? How can this prompt change? Which support systems are available? Socially conscious escape games have to deliver much more at different levels. Listen in on our panel of fellow escape game colleagues who are working in the midst of these developments- and join in on their cause. Because, also you can do good with what you do best!

This panel will focus on a new phenomenon occurring in many industries, and also ours. Social Consumerism is given under the following circumstances: a viable business meets a customer’s need, and in the process affects a social issue. The business becomes the intermediary through which the customer makes their social contribution, effortlessly. A portion of the proceeds go automatically to a charitable cause. Customers additionally donate into a kitty, or even better, go out and take action. The real challenge begins after the game- once confronted by reality. The debriefing prompts players towards their options.

Panel Leader Donna Wandt represents the Hamburg Charity ‘Spielen hilft’ (Play helps) which was created specifically to build and operate gaming techniques for the good of society. The charity’s first project is the German adaptation of the UK game <The Divide>, created by Katie Falcon-Uff and Andrew Ingle of TimeTrap Escape Rooms in Reading, UK. As <Das System>, the game has up to now toured Munich, Dresden, and Wiesbaden and is available in 3 versions, including a mobile one for schools, creating awareness for the social inequalities in life and potential remedies.