New Voices in Art

New Voices in Art” is a game for 15 to 25 people played mostly through improvised social interaction. As a player, you will be playing a version of yourself in an alternate reality, in which you and all other players are innovative new artists invited to a modern art exhibition in a gallery showcasing your work. When you arrive, you´ll be assigned at random a piece of art in the gallery to be “made by you” and then given at random a short description about how your character feels about it, ranging from “this is my masterpiece, it took 7 years to create” to “this was a joke, can´t believe the curators accepted it!”


With few rules & just a bit of formal structure, the game then plays out like a party where people are chatting, networking, flirting, and discussing each other’s art and careers. Surprisingly complex themes about creativity, social pretense, ambition, and yearning emerge from this simple set up. The game lasts an hour, is preceded by a warm-up and followed by a debriefing.


“New Voices in Art” is written by designers Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch and Erling Rognli and is a classic chamberlarp scenario that has been played many times all over the world. The purpose of facilitating at Up The Game is facilitator Meggy’s conviction that chamber larp can be the missing piece in the product portfolio of an escape room business. Chamberlarp is short in duration, flexible in location, doesn’t require expensive props or construction, handles large groups and is replayable!

#UTG2020 is coming