Human Dynamics – A recap

By Jasper Wille

Jasper Wille has been advocating using his ‘Human Dynamics’ in the Escape Room industry for years now. Using actors within them- and designing them for Meaningful Choice have been on the top of his list since he started doing his research. This year his focus will be on how the player relates to the fictional environments they are exposed to in our experiences. In preparation of his in depth talk on this (or as an expansion on it) Jasper will give a 2,5 hour demonstration-workshop in which he will work with some of his actors to give you a practical in-depth on-the-floor look on how he trains them, and why. He will also ask you to participate in certain scenes ‘as yourself, the player’, as well is making steps towards showing you practical examples of how meaningful choice can be implemented using.

Through this workshop you will be exposed to the triad of subjects Jasper has been experimenting with in the last three years. You will see in practice how actors are trained, how they are given the tools to present meaningful choice and you will be able to participate in scenes to experience the actors at work. A must-see for anyone who is interested in the work of Jasper Wille and has a wish to be on the forefront of this narrative innovation of our industry.


#UTG2020 is coming