Escape Room Hackathon

By Gai Bosco and Lee Ballan

What happens when you bring together the best and brightest of escape room creators in the world and put them together in one room? Find out as we attempt to create an all new escape room complete with script and riddles in just 120 minutes. Join this workshop and together we will make the craziest ER you can imagine.

No previous background in creating ER scripts is needed to attend the workshop. This workshop will be run twice, one in each day of the conference, but each of the two sessions will create a completely different ER script. Script IP will be under open license for all participants.

More information about registration soon


About Gai and Lee

Gai Bosco and Lee Ballan are escape room designers and creators. They are also enthusiasts, each has played over 400 rooms around the world.
Lee is the co-creator of the WNN, a network of ERs around the world.
Gai has created over 90 commercial escape rooms and has also worked in the ER industry with museums, public schools, hi-tech companies, television shows, and many more.



#UTG2020 is coming