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Upcoming Event: December 1, Online Community Meeting

Going digital

Up The Game Online Festival has been a great success. Over 100 visitors on average every day attended the online zoom sessions and we have learned a lot about the community and the importance of keeping in touch during the year.

Going digital has helped us realise how much we need each other in dire times, and how much Up The Game as a platform can mean to you. We are looking forward to introducing new contact moments during the year.

In September we will give more clarity about Up The Game 2021, but for now you can set the dates in your calendar already: May 11 and May 12, 2021.



With Up The Game we want to provide a platform that is always available to the community. Sharing experiences, ideas and problems the industry is facing, but also celebrating newly released projects of members of our community and testing these with experts all around the world. To grow and maintain our community we are hosting a community event every first Tuesday of every month. With each other’s support we can build and discover our future together.



In 2016, the very first edition of Up The Game was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The following year in 2017 we announced the second edition ‘Connecting Creators’, and in 2018 ‘The Future of Experience’, which were both hosted in the colossal dome prison in Breda. After 2019’s edition in Amsterdam we were hoping to widen the scope and broaden the horizon for Up The Game the Bigger Picture, unfortunately we had to postpone this to 2021 instead we hosted Up The Game Online Festival in which we were able to bring the community closer.

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