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May 12 & 13, 2020

This year's theme

The Real Life Gaming & Escape Game industry is undergoing changes. There are giant leaps being made in innovation and entertainment all across the globe. New and fresh ideas are being introduced and mixed with existing formulas giving our evolving audiences new things to experience. But there’s so much more to discover and experiment with! At ‘Up The Game 2020: The Bigger Picture’ we invite you to look with your peripheral vision, beyond what is already there. Widen the scope, and celebrate with us our 5th year anniversary as the largest international Escape Room & Real Life Gaming conference in the world. During the event there will be seminars about the latest innovations in game & experience design, marketing, trends, past mistakes, future possibilities and much more…



In 2015 Real Life Gaming initiated Up The Game. By then they had designed escape rooms as well as real life games. They realized that they had a common belief that those experiences will heavily impact the future of gaming. They enjoyed the exchange of ideas so much that it became clear that the time was ripe to meet all the other designers out there and to come together to inspire each other and share ideas how to create unforgettable experiences.


Our story

Real Life Gaming is a community and network organization that builds experiences. We want our visitor to have an unforgettable time. We want to give you the feeling that you play the leading part in your own movie. Real Life Gaming is a new form of entertainment. These are not digital games, no simple board or card games, these are great experiences in the real world.


How it started

We saw opportunities in a new market. In 2014 Real Life Gaming started as a collection website of different experiences within the Real Life Gaming market. Our passion led us further and in the meantime we have grown into a community full of creative people and unique disciplines. Our current production is Prison Escape with which we are now in our second prison. Of course we continue to follow and support the impressive experiences of other parties.


Our philosophy

The Netherlands is full of creative talent. Together we can realize unique experience. Game designers, directors, actors, light and sound technicians, writers, graphic designers: we combine the strengths of different disciplines to achieve the best end result. Due to the diversity and expertise within the production team, the experiences that we build up become a completely successful overall picture. Only in this way do we come to the unforgettable experiences that it is now.