Yari Nardiello

Game flow, organization and group dynamics: escape room as a team building tool

All of us are familiar with the excitement after emerging from an escape room. But why? What are the motivations, expectations and experiences of people during a game session?

Yari and his team tried to get a first answer by involving the department of Psychology of the University of Turin through an extensive study with the aim of supporting companies in the industry to use real-life gaming as an educative team building activity.

Yari Nardiello is an engineer with MBA who lived a couple of years in China. He left management roles to follow his passion to build immersive game experiences.

Yari together with Elisa Neri founded EN1GMA Entertainment with the mission to create and market real life experiences. EN1GMA runs La Casa degli Enigmi that was one of the first real life games in Italy and currently run escape rooms in a number of cities there.

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