Wilko Drews

Set-Design, The Room Tells the Story

Set-Design ‘The Room tells the Story’


Set Design is particularly important if the room tells a story. Wilko will talk about how to design a themed room based on a logline, from an idea to research and illustrations. He will give you examples from his design work on the “THE ROOM” Escape Game “The Lost Treasure of Alexander von Humboldt”.

He will also talk about some do-it-yourself tips: What do we see when we look at a set? How can we create objects that are priceless in reality or impossible to get? How to patinate? A small practical example how to imitate surfaces.

Wilko Drews is currently completing his Masters in Production Design at the Film University Babelsberg, and has specialized in Production Design and Set Design, as well as Exhibition- and Theme-Design.  He has worked continuously with film director Steffen Heidenreich since commencing his Bachelor studies on various film projects, most recently on the RBB-Movie „Und ich so:äh“, which was awarded with the German film award „Goldene Lola“ in 2016. In 2015 and 2016 Drews created illustrations and construction plans for Production Designer Uli Hanisch for the feature film production „Timm Thaler“ and the upcoming sky-series „Babylon Berlin“.


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