Ruud Kool

Ruud Kool

Can the escape room magic take place in one’s living room?

Suddenly, many creators are looking for ways to bring the magic of escape games to the living room. Wasn’t the whole point to be locked up in an unfamiliar space?

Ruud Kool designed several escape rooms and other real-life games, in the Netherlands and abroad. Before that, he worked on many board- and card games. This year he’s releasing Puzzelpost: the file of an old missing-persons case, to be studied and solved at your own kitchen table.

He is not alone: the last year has seen numerous releases of  ‘escape’ board games, escape-rooms-in-a-box, detective subscription boxes and mysterious packages. In his talk, Ruud addresses this new, vaguely defined market. Should escape room owners consider offering their own at-home mysteries? What are some interesting design restrictions, and what is lost in the translation? How do you go about pricing a product you can really only use once?

Ruud presents input he got from other creators, to discuss if this could be the next big thing.

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