Mata Haggis & Harald Warmelink

Mata Haggis & Harald Warmelink

What design choices can we make to enhance the team building experience of Escape rooms?

Escape rooms can reveal hidden sides of the players and test their teamworking skills. What design choices can we make to enhance this experience for them?

Students, teachers, and researchers from NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences have been collaborating with Tilburg University’s DAF Technology Lab to develop and test a mixed reality escape room aimed at team building and training. Harald Warmelink and Mata Haggis from NHTV will give the first public presentation of the results to the Up The Game conference.

Learn how escape rooms encourage people to exhibit leadership, communication, and management skills in ways that we can measure which you can use to promote your own experiences. Be the first to hear about the future directions of their research into developing team building skills in escape rooms.

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