Gwyn Morfey & Amy Strike

Gwyn Morfey & Amy Strike

Imaginary Worlds in Public Spaces

Making games in the real world comes with its own set of challenges. How can you make a rich, immersive world, while respecting other users of the same space? How can you preserve players’ suspension of disbelief when the real world, with all of its distractions, is right there? And how can you build a high-quality set when you’ve only got 30 minutes to bump in and out?

Fire Hazard games has been making high-energy immersive experiences since 2008. We’ve staged burglaries in disused warehouses, spy dramas around top-tier hotels, occult mysteries in dark forests, and our iconic chase game, Citydash, in a dozen cities across the globe.

Gwyn and Amy share insights and stories from the largest venue there is.

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