Chris Lattner & Malte Eiben

Chris Lattner & Malte Eiben

From simple magnet switch puzzles to fully automatized systems

Chris & Malte will give a tech workshop that will cover topics from how to design simple switch and magnet puzzles to fully computer controlled puzzle networks. The workshop will provide some step by step instructions how to build those puzzles, where to find the components, an introduction into raspberry PI’s and some tips where to find the right code for it on the internet.

After 28 years working as a professional DJ playing techno and house in clubs around the world, Chris opened THE ROOM on the 3rd of October 2014. Their games are some of the highest rated rooms in Berlin and their third, and to date most advance room THE LOST TREASURE opened to the public in November 2015. Their rooms are fully automatized and technologically very advanced and were designed together with his partner Malte Eiben.

Malte Eiben is a Sound Designer and Software Developer currently based in Berlin, Germany.  He commenced his work in the Sound and Video department of the “Theater an der Parkaue”, while working on various short film projects.  In 2011 Eiben commenced his studies at the Film University Babelsberg specialising in Sound and is currently completing his masters in Sound for Picture with a specialisation in Film Mixing. While studying he continued to work work on various music recording and film projects and has been the recipient of awards including the Grimmepreis,  the Documentary Film Prize of the Goetheinstitute, and the German Film Prize “Lola”.  Eiben has been working since 2014 on Game Engines as well as the implementation of Sound Design, Logic, and Control Systems for Live Games.

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