Adrian Bacanu

We are the creators of new ways of thinking!

Adrian Bacanu would like to call upon all the designers, owners, creators, operators, game masters, enthusiasts and people interested in escape rooms, treasure hunts, LARP and other real-life games at ‘Up The Game’ to explore the tremendous potential of developing minds through these formidable experiences. In his own words:

‘We use the games to share valuable knowledge in a fun way and expand our inner wisdom. Through our work, we enrich the player’s experience (beyond fun & gamification) and remarkably improve their ways of communicating and relating to themselves, to others and to the world. We can consciously facilitate a life changing journey for self-development and self-actualization, and encourage players on this path. We are shaping positive perceptions and approaches by adding multiple complex layers of excitement and perspective for personal development and evolution.

Let’s add a new chapter to our already amazing stories, another color to our canvases and bring more overall value with our creations! We are shaping and changing ways of thinking.

Adrian is a passionate human being. He’s an ex-corporate international manager become entrepreneur in a multitude of companies that revolve around creating and facilitating great experiences through various unique concepts (always aimed towards the next level) and serving entrepreneurs to enter this great industry. He studied human behavior with top international minds and various personal development paths for the last decade, attending or organizing seminars and courses all over the world. This varied from ancient oriental traditional paths to the  latest scientific studies becoming a certified trainer and coach. In everything, he is constantly searching for the silver lining of self-development and considers this industry one of the best ways to expand oneself. He is also very keen on creating strong teams via encouraging individuals to be themselves while ex[anding their capabilities and working together towards a higher goal.

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