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On the 18th of April Amsterdam will host the first international Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference.

As one of the fastest growing entertainment trends since the rise of cinema, real life gaming has taken the world by storm. The number of escape rooms in the Netherlands, has risen from 1 to more than 300 in the past two years. Where traditional games are a bit of a niche, real life gaming attracts a wide range of customers and people who exit a great escape room do so with shining eyes and a budding addiction- “where can I play more?” But it doesn’t stop here, new games keep adding even more crazy ideas, more technology and more compelling interaction to the experience. We love to see all those new ideas as the better our games are, the more people will become excited about real life gaming.

We see immense potential and room for innovation in the real life gaming industry. ‘Up The Game’ is set-up to help the entire industry to get to know each other, support the community around escape games and stimulate each other to keep designing fresh and innovative experiences!

Mobster Mystery

H.E.L Shooter

Escape Room

Prison Escape

Speakers / New ideas and fresh insides

Vsevolod Batishchev


Vsevolod is the owner of  several quests in Moscow. His Leonardo da Vinci game is the most expensive and technologically equipped Escape Room to date, but they challenge their own position with their latest game Steampunk: Airship which was backed by a successful Russian kickstarter campaign.

David M Reynolds & Mark Nicholls

Real Life First Person Shooter

David M Reynolds and Mark Nicholls from Realm Pictures have created a real life first person shooter experiences which has turned into a youtube sensations. But they don't stop here and had even more ambitious plans for 2016.

Tamami Kawakata


Originally from Japan, Tamami Kawakata is now residential in San Francisco. She is co-founder and creative director of SCRAP. Next to designing escape rooms in USA and Japan they also fill whole stadiums with large puzzle events for up to 2000 players.

Attila Gyurkovics


The founder of ParaPark and the inventor of the Escape Room as we can find it all over the world. Attila Gyurkovics creates games on principles of a flow experience and his ideas has proven very successful and inspired many nowadays Escape Room designers.

The Crystal Maze

Tom Lionetti-Maguire, Ben Hodges, Dean Rodgers & Greg Fittock

The directing team of Crystal Maze (Tom Lionetti-Maguire, Ben Hodges, Dean Rodgers & Greg Fittock) will come and talk about their highly anticipated project which opens in early 2016 in London.

Mark Hammons

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU has succesfully taken the concept of puzzle solving and transformed it into an open source project for educational purposes. All over the US, teachers and puzzle enthusiasts are designing games for school classes and sharing them on an online platform. The founders of Breakout EDU will come all the way from Calfornia to introduce their initiative and inspire designers to contribute.

Rik Stapelbroek

Prison Escape

Each week Rik Stapelbroek, the organizer of the Prison Escape, and his team bring the Noordsingel Prison in Rotterdam back to life and lock up hundreds of people who use all their wit and courage to trick the system and escape back into freedom. Rik will share with us what happens behind the screens in the largest real-life experience of the Netherlands running.

HEL Shooter

Marc Pollen & Thijs Huijsman

It took Marc Pollen more and his partner Thijs Huijsman over one year to realize their vision of one of the most innovative action experiences in the world. In HEL Shooter players slip into the shoes of special police forces and raid a building full of terrorists. Hear about their stories and the legal challenges such an endeavor can face.

Elles van Asseldonk

Storytelling in escape rooms

Elles van Asseldonk is a writer, storyteller, game designer and creative cluster-bomb. An Escape Room is an immersive experience and as such puts players into the shoes of the main actor in center of a fictional scenario. This experience becomes even more compelling if the scenario is believable and interesting. As co-designer of Logic Locks and Fenomena Logica Elles has a strong emphasize of the narrative of a game experience and will talk about how to get players sucked up into a story.

Victor van Doorn


When Victor and his team appeared on a popular Dutch TV show with a mini escape room, they successfully introduced the concept to the nation and overnight kick-started its popularity. Since then the interest in Escape Rooms and the amount of games kept growing. Victor, a natural born entrepreneur and co-founder of the successful immersive game studio Sherlocked will be part of a panel debate talk about topics like the future of live games and the challenge of raising the bar with each production.

Sergii Tymoshchenkov

Sergii, originally from Ukraine, is An experienced gamer, with 131 (and counting) ER played (Central Eastern Europe & Asia), scriptwriter for rooms in Ukraine, Poland and Germany. Took part as well in more than 200 offline quest games including Auto Quests, Geocaching, and was an author of over 30 offline games. Sergii will participate in a panel debate in which he will share his experience of best and worst practices in escape rooms, and some ideas how to bring escaping experience to the new level of entertainment.

Anna-Maria Giannattasio

Puur* Events

Anna-Maria Giannattasio is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketeer with a voracious appetite for risk and adventure. Owner and inventor of Puur Events and Escaperoom the Mysterium. Emerce named her as Engaging woman of the Year because of her innovative use of marketing skills to reach clients an business partners. Good marketing can give an escaperoom lucrative business and needs to use more then ordinary thinking methods.  Anna-Maria will talk about neuromarketing and how to use the Socials to reach and touch your clients.

Zina Delyagina


Zina Delyagina is originally from St Petersburg, Russia where a great variety of different real-life games sprouted from the "escape room seed". Her approach to designing real life quest games relies heavily on creating an immersive atmosphere, where players would lose contact with the outer world. She and her team from combine strong background story with high-tech elements and visual effects. Zina will join the penal debate to share the insights on real life escape development on Russian market.

Alastair Hebson

Alastair is a designer that has spent the last decade helping create video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Killzone and the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn. He’ll be presenting insights from digital game design on the important relationship between pacing, game mechanics, narrative and aesthetic, and how to combine these elements to create a truly memorable experience for players.

Raymond Reints and Mikail Pehlivan

Founded by Raymond Reints and Mikail Pehlivan, Gloeidraad is the first of its kind, technological escape room puzzle company. Blending their passion and expertise they create technological marvels to enhance player experiences. At Up The Game the two of them will host an interactive workshop about how to meaningfully implement the latest technological trends.

Israel Romero

Israel Romero is the CEO of the project 'Escape Port Forum' in Barcelona. This project aims to become the world's largest Escape Rooms Center with approximately 100 Escape Games. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, people from around the world will be able to enjoy the broadest portfolio of Escape Rooms and Real Life Games. Israel will present the project for the first time during Up The Game explaining all the details and inviting game designers to collaborate.

Lisette Hendrikse

Lisette is n international lawyer and partner in Liance. Legal, an innovative legal advisory firm. She has many years of experience in supporting businesses in doing business while managing the (legal) risks. Lisette will talk about legal aspects of an escape room, such intellectual property, payment cancellations, liability, contracts, employee rights/contracts and applicable regulations.

next to all the talking, we won't forget the games

Fenomena Logica

Mobile Escape Room

Fenomena Logica will open the Circus Caravan of Zlatan Zorrero a freaky mini-escape room experience!

additional parts of the program will be announced soon

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